Our Design Process

Cat Clothes

Shinobii and Benny are our inspirations for all of our designs. All of our cat wear has been designed specifically with a cat’s comfort in mind. None of our creations force you to bend their beans into weird holes or use abnormally long chest closures that press against their tummy. Instead, our uniquely developed set of patterns created through Shinobii’s feedback are designed for ultimate comfort!

The thin straps at the neck allow you to put it on without a threat of bites because they feel like they’re being choked. The thin straps around the tummy allow your cat to bend, jump, and move around freely. And to make the purrfect cat outfit, we always aim to make the garments as weightless as possible for all cats to feel comfortable. 

Collar & Harness Accessories

Our accessories are inspired by Keila and Ollie, two adventurous medium-sized puppies. They enjoy the outdoors, rolling around in the grass, and lounging around, so full outfits wouldn’t be right for their lifestyle. This is where the collar and harness accessories come in! The elastic accessories are perfect for dogs who wear collars, while the hook and loop are perfect for those that wear harnesses. Both styles allow dogs to look fancy without disrupting their daily lives.

Matching Sets

Our matching sets are perfect for those who wish to indulge in cuteness. We offer sets for you to show off your bond with your pet by matching their clothes/accessories with your scrunchies or hair clips! We also have options to have your furbabies match with each other or even a human sibling! 

So many possibilities for a cuteness overload moment! We can’t say which came first in the sets, sometimes it’s the bandana, other times it’s the cat dress, or other times it’s the accessory. It’s truly whatever happens to inspire us. We listen to what our creative heart tells us and then design away. Yes, it’s a fun process for us and you!